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Tuesday / Wednesday / Posters

Poster Title Presenter
An examination of snow albedo estimates from MODIS and their impact on snow water equivalent reconstruction, Water Resources Research (PDF) Edward Bair
Landsat 9 and Landsat Collection 2: relevance for the hydrological and cryospheric sciences (poster available on request) Chris Crawford
Combining regional climate models and satellite measurements improves SWE accuracy and spatial resolution (PDF) Michael Durand
U.S. Geological Survey National Hydrologic Model Alaska domain extension (PDF) John Hammond
Snow Remote Sensing with Ultra-Wideband Microwave Radiometry (PDF) Joel Johnson
The Potential for Full-Waveform Lidar in SnowEx Studies (PDF) Nayan Kangakoon
Snow-vegetation interactions at the individual tree scale with terrestrial laser scanning, Grand Mesa, Colorado (PDF) Ahmad Malekshah
Spatially extensive ground-penetrating radar snow depth observations during NASA’s 2017 SnowEx Campaign: Comparison with in situ, airborne, and satellite observations (PDF) Daniel McGrath
Dielectric Constant and Thickness Measurement of Dry Snowpack and Lake Icepack using Correlation Radiometry (PDF) Mohammad Mousavi

Spatially-extrapolating subsampled airborne lidar: How much lidar is enough? (PDF)

Justin Pflug

Stereo2SWE On-demand, high-resolution time series of snow depth and SWE from sub-meter stereo satellite imagery (PDF)

David Shean
The Influence of Snow Depth Observation Timing and Uncertainty on Data Assimilation Improvements to SWE (PDF) Eric Smyth 
Improving the Spatial Resolution of Snow Albedo Measurements in Mountainous Regions Using a Dual-sensor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) (PDF) Eric Sproles 
New York State Mesonet Snow Network (PDF) June Wang

Within-stand Boundary Effects of SWE Distribution in Forested Areas (PDF)

Ryan Webb
Using C- and L-band radar observations to retrieve soil rms height and moisture to improve SWE retrieval (PDF) Jiyue Zhu