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The GPM Cold-season Precipitation Experiment (GCPEx) was conducted in cooperation with Environment Canada in Ontario, Canada from January 17th to February 29th, 2012. The overarching goal of GCPEx was to characterize the ability of multi-frequency active and passive microwave sensors to detect and estimate falling snow through the collection of microphysical property data, associated remote sensing observations, and coordinated model simulations of falling snow.  Through collection of these unique datasets, GCPEx's goal is to improve the GPM snowfall retrieval algorithms.

Domain: southern Ontario, Canada
IOP: Jan 17, 2012-Feb 29, 2012
EOP: Nov 2011-Mar 2012
NASA Instruments/Platforms: D3R Ka-Ku band radar, Micro Rain Radar (MRR), 2D Video and Parsivel disdrometers, Snow Video Imager (SVI), OTT Pluvio2 200 and 400 cm2 snow weighing gauges, TPS-3100 Hot Plate sensor; NASA DC-8 flying with APR2 and CoSMI.