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Open Source Tools

SnowEx is working to advance the frontier of open science by creating publicly available data and open-source tools to process field and airborne data products. 


UW eScience SnowEx Hackweek:

Hackweeks are participant-driven events that strive to create welcoming spaces for participants to learn new things, build community and gain hands-on experience with collaboration and team science. Hackweeks are generally composed of tutorials and project work. Tutorials are catered to a set of data products or open-source development of a data tool. Projects are focused group work time to further develop tools, create data analysis workflow, or creatively spend time designing a community needed tool. 


SnowEx Database:

The SnowEx Database is a PostGIS database created to provide a central location for NASA SnowEx campaign data in a common format. Using the database you can query data to identify coincident observations by space or time. 


Github repositories: 

As some SnowEx data sets get published the data preparer shares processing steps using a Github repository. See the list below to find out more about a particular data set. 

Grand Mesa, CO meteorological data: