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THP Snow Working Groups

Snow Working Groups and Statement of Purpose

Modeling - To improve modeled representation of snow (SWE, depth, microstructure, etc.) through better model physics and new snow models and to prepare a model environment for assimilation of new/future satellite observations.

L-Band InSAR - To foster an open science community toward exploring the use of L-Band InSAR for estimating SWE, to report on further processing and analysis of UAVSAR data for snow hydrology applications, and to share lessons learned as well as tools/code to handle the unique datasets.

Snow Albedo - Through a detailed and quantitative literature review and a community-led workshop, we will document key knowledge gaps in snow albedo and recommend remote sensing approaches to address these gaps.

UAV-SfM - To share best practices for imagery acquisition and processing with the end goal of producing accurate snow depth reconstructions.

Microwave Scattering - Discuss progress in estimating SWE from remote sensing measurements based on measurements of microwave scattering.