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SINTER is an international group of scientists and engineers sharing a passion for snow science. Our goal is to create a community for students and professionals alike to find others and share research and ideas. Currently, our community is spread out all over the globe. We encourage everyone interested in snow sciences to reach out and join SINTER. The SINTER charter establishes the purpose, objectives, organization, and operational procedures of the group.


The International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) exists to facilitate the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and experiences between snow science researchers and practitioners. The motto of the International Snow Science Workshop is "A Merging of Theory and Practice". ISSW hosts a biennial conference in North America and Europe that brings together researchers and practitioners from all over the world.

Western Snow Conferences

The Western Snow Conference provides a forum for individuals and organizations to share scientific, management, and socio-economic information on snow and runoff from any viewpoint and strives to advance snow and hydrologic sciences. The Conference is divided into four geographic areas: North Pacific, South Pacific, North Continental, and South Continental. Administration and leadership of the Conference is carried out by a General Chair and an Executive Committee with representation from each of the four areas.

Eastern Snow Conferences

The Eastern Snow Conference (ESC) is a joint Canadian/U.S. organization founded in the 1940s originally with members from eastern North America. Today, our members come from the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany, as well as North America. At its annual meeting, the Eastern Snow Conference brings the research and operations communities to discuss recent work on scientific, engineering and operational issues related to snow and ice. The location of the conference alternates yearly between the United States and Canada.

NOAA NOHRSC National Snow Analyses

The NOAA National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOHRSC) provides comprehensive snow observations, analyses, data sets and map products for the Nation. NOHRSC products and services support a wide variety of government and private-sector applications in water resource management, disaster emergency preparedness, weather and flood forecasting, agriculture, transportation and commerce.


Snow Today, a scientific analysis website, provides a snapshot and interpretation of snow conditions in near-real time across the Western United States, told with a unique combination of satellite data and surface observations.