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SnowEx Data Pledge

The NASA SnowEx organizing team is committed to creating extensive ground-based and remote sensing snow calibration and validation data sets for all SnowEx field campaigns. To address the human uncertainties, an inherent trade-off to manually collected data sets of this size, we ensure all core data sets follow a standard sampling protocol and are reviewed for standardization following the data collection period. Objective data standardization criteria are documented during the data delivery process and published with the data set products. This ensures data provenance and transparency for the legacy data sets created to improve the remote sensing of snow. 

View the SnowEx data products inventory tables for a complete list of published and expected data products from all campaign periods. 


Public Data



SnowEx Campaign data is publicly available through the NASA DAAC at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado. Data are available to anyone at no cost, as is the case with all NASA data. Available data products are searchable by campaign year. You can also browse recently published data by visiting The Drift, a product from NSIDC to share news and tips with data users.




NASA SnowEx InSAR L-band data are hosted at ASF through the Data Search Vertex. Information about the NASA JPL UAVSAR mission can be found by visiting the mission webpage

Preliminary Data

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SnowEx 2023 - October 2022 Alaska IOP snow pit measurements

Watch for preliminary releases to be posted here.